Boyfriend issues

i feel this title will give stereotypical views on men, but i feel msyelf at the mintue saying that “men are all the same” or “boys will be boys”. Sometimes they just dont give themsleves a break from causing heartache or just stress.

i have been with my partenr for almost two years now and i coming to a point where i just “give up”. it seems that my words just go straight through him no matter how i use my tone.

simple tasks he still hasnt mastered such as putting his diry laundry in the basket or putting his work stuff in the alloacted basket, little things like that mean alot to me, it helps my day just tottle on. plus he is a big gamer and is trying to make this as his living but its slow to start. He spends almost ALL his spare time playing it. This aggrivates me, alot.

yes i know im not supposed to have all the attention all the time but a nice, “how was your day?” or “would you like some tea?” would be great. i dont want to change him to the point where he doesnt do anything he likes but i barely get to see him, i feel like i dont even know him anymore..

to be continued…


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